Everything starts with the seeds

 Crop importing and processing is one of the major fields of Bevrili Group activity. Company has own sillage areas, elevators and mill plant in Tbilisi and Poti. Mostly, crop is imported from Russiaand Kazakhstan and is purchased in specific amounts in Georgia. Crops are being filled in a fast and comfortable way in modern, American-made elevators, with total capacity of 60 000 tones; weight is determined via vehicle and railway electronic scales. 

Crop quality is being tested in modern laboratory. Test purchase quality is checked by the world known company SGS (France).  Every sillage area (elevator) can receive and keep various crops (wheat, corn, barley, etc). 

It is also very important to mention that first hand and second hand cleaning of the crops is provided for the crops. Crops are being washed, dried and then sorted.

Automated airing system and permanent climate control allows to keep optimal regimen.

Crop plants located in Tbilisiand Poti are equipped with modern machines, able to manufacture as high and first quality wheat flour, as well as gray flour, coarse corn and flour. Capacity of the machines is about 1040 tones per 24 h. For showing the best characterizes and quality of flour, Bevrili Group provides coupage of different flour types, giving the best characteristics to baking process and baked products.

Bevrili Group is equipped with flour packaging automated, fully equipped modern lines, through which the flour is packed in bags (50 kg and 25 kg), including 1,2 and 5 kg packages.

Bevrili Group produces two flour brands: “Puradi” and “Lazati”.


 One more direction of Bevrili Group is bakery, provided via ultra-modern, German-made MIWE machines. Based on unique recipies, there are produced more than 5 types of bread, more than 10 types of pastry under the brand name TIBA.
Bevrili Group made an innovative step forward in bakery and introduced new tradition of baking.


Bevrili Group owns the only shop of supplies necessary for the machines for processing the crops, including the special plant for assembling and making of supplies.  


Bevrili Group owns large park of the vehicles, distribution service and storage system. Vehicles include vehicles for transporting large, medium and small cargos.

Distribution service includes more than 70 populated areas within Georgia. Storage area is situated in Tbilisi, Poti and other regions of Georgiaand consists of storage houses of different size and capacity. 

____MANUFACTURING OF BAGS_________________

Bevrili Group manufactures polypropylene bags, used for packaging flour and other food products.    High quality modern technology of Bormag and Starling, quality material, constant quality control and experience, full manufacturing cycle, including starting from thread extrusion to flexographic printing, provides all conditions for fully satisfying the international quality standards introduced in polypropylene bag production.