Everything starts with the seeds
____  2004  YEAR _______________________________

Company works since 2004. In the east part of Tbilisi, there was built a complex for storing and processing the crops, equipped with modern, up-to-date technologies; complex, built on 45 000 m2 includes mill, sillage areas, storage areas and other facilities necessary for processing European quality product (flour, bran, coarse ground flour). 

____  2006  YEAR _______________________________

Company is being developed and starts to manufacture polypropylene bags in the enterprise equipped with modern German-made machines; this includes the full production cycle: starting from thread extrusion to flexographic printing. Bag manufacturing enterprise fully satisfies the international quality standards introduced in polypropylene bag production.

____  2008 YEAR ________________________________

 For the purposes of strengthening and stabilizing positions on the market of importing and processing crops, there was added new processing line of 350 tones of processing capacity in 24 h.  It should be underlined that, the only and unique 90 tones of capacity manufacturing plant was installed and loaded into exploitation in Georgia for processing groats (black) flour and corn, processing flour as well as coarse ground flour.

____  2012 YEAR ________________________________ 

Company strengthens its activity and creates new manufacturing capacities. Mill plant is being built with modern machines on the territory of 15 000 m2, with manufacturing capacity of 350 tones per 24 h. Poti mill plant manufactures high and first quality wheat flour and bran.

____  2013 YEAR ________________________________

Fields of company activities became more diverse and went beyond crop import and processing fields.  Thus, there was already time for serious management and marketing changes to be launched.  

In 2013, full rebranding of the company was carried out, including changing of major characteristics of the corporate brand: starting from positioning to the visions/concepts.  


Today, Company keeps working with brand new name – the largest crop importer and food product manufacturer in Georgia – “Bevrili Group”!