Everything starts with the seeds
____ VALUES _________________________________________________

Values help us to define our organizational culture, giving general knowledge of how we work and how we should behave towards each other, with the clients and other interested individuals. Considering our values, each individual working in Bevrili group is responsible for professional and ethical business behavior.

____ MODERN, NOVATOR ____________________________________

We are innovative, future-oriented company. We have sufficient energy, belief and enthusiasm for searching and accomplishing new ideas. We create and use modern technological achievements for more effective and successful development of the company.   

____ PROFESSIONALISM _____________________________________

This is not only knowledge of business and profession, but this is also ability to work with responsibility and quality, efficiency and simplicity in relations.  

____ OPEN - SOCIABLE _______________________________________

We create atmosphere of trust and effective cooperation. We consider views and ideas of others and support open dialog.  

____ CONSTANTLY DEVELOPING _____________________________

We create working conditions, where we try our best to support development of skills and capabilities of every individual. Via the most perspective technologies, we improve as manufacturing as well as managing process. Working in constantly developing, successful company gives hope for tomorrow to all our employees.